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“I highly recommend Dr. Dilday. Upon arrival
from the east cost in January, I was in severe
pain from middle back and sciatica. I had been
receiving treatment in NJ from a chiropractor
using what I considered normal adjustments. I
was intrigued in my internet search with the
activator method, so I gave Dr. Dilday a call.
After my initial consultation, I knew I was
dealing with a professional with knowledge and
who was the kind of practitioner that truly
cared for his patient. I was happily surprised
when within two or three treatments that my pain
had diminished considerably. In three weeks the
pain was gone.

Dr. Dilday gave me exercises and stretches which
assisted my transition from pain to standing up
straight, working pain free, and generally
feeling good.”


"[Open-mouthed smile] I cannot describe how
happy you made me last FRI....was thinking how
bad that I wanted you to adjust me! Last time
that I asked Doc he said it was all
muscle...wanted me to see CHARLIE SCHUETZ DO in
Edmonds...I did and think it was a real
scam...felt worse and paid $240....after you
adjusted me...I felt better right away and it
was such a relief...had a good massage on
MONDAY....I barely have any pain now at all and
I actually was using RX pain killers....just

"Dennis has a winning grounded spirit and good
humor by the bushel. Visiting him for a
treatment, or attending one of his north end
happy hours, I always learn something and have a
good experience."

"Dennis taught me several incredibly helpful
exercises, both stretches specific to my body's
particular needs, as well as referring me to
some fluid head and neck motions to keep things
loose. While I confess I don't do them as often
as I should, they are so simple that I have
stuck with them for well over a year now! Thanks

"He's incredibly passionate about health and
fitness, both keeping up with the latest
information and sharing what he learns. If I
lived closer, I'd have taken his Tai Chi class
by now.

One time he emailed me (out of the blue) to give
me a link to a video of a specific "wall squat"
he came across that he knew would be especially
helpful for me, and it was!

Thanks again Dennis!"

"This guy walks his talk :) The last time I saw
him he demonstrated a very deep one legged squat
that he'd been working on!!!"

-C.S., Mar 21, 2010

"Dr. D (as he is known to his clients) is one of
the coolest people I have ever met. I am a
massage therapist and Dr. D and I have had a
friendship as well as business relationship
since 1993. Not only is he a highly skilled,
compassionate, committed, gentle, thoughtful &
patient chiropractor he is also a deeply
spiritual being who is also committed to his own
personal development. A former bodybuilder, a
daily meditator and a TaiChi Master who walks
his talk. A Healer can only give what they
posess. Dennis radiates health, peace,
contentment, joy and stability. Just being in
his presence is a healing experience. I have
known many of his clients since 1993...they
absolutely adore him! He builds long lasting
relationships with his clients...I know many
clients of his who have been seeing him for care
since they were children and now as adults their
children are being looked after by him as well.
Dr. D. is at the top of my list of human beings
who have got "it" figured out. I would highly
recommend him to anyone I meet for Wholistic
Chiropractic care."

-A.C., LMP, Mukilteo, WA

"I had to take this opportunity to thank you for
what you do through your practice at Everett
Chiropractic. I came to you last spring having
been referred by Anne Miller. I was hurting,
scared, and skeptical. From the moment of my
first (very comprehensive) initial office visit
I was completely blown away by your
thoroughness, your attention and your
compassion. It is ridiculous that those
qualities should be such a rarity in a health
care provider - but you are most certainly an
exception. You are a true healer. Thank you for
that - and thank you for giving me my health,
hope and a wonderful, unexpected friendship that
sprung forth during a very difficult time."

-T.J. (The Yoga Girl)

"Being a very physical person makes me weary of
body workers. But not this man. I exercise for a
living and have been a practicing martial artist
for 14 years. It was very important to me to
have someone who understood my lifestyle and
could help relieve the tension I experience
regularly. What the real key to Dr. Dilday's
work is his genuine commitment to helping you
feel better. That alone eases the fear of
feeling vulnerable in the doctor's office. I
highly recommend you take the drive to Everett.
It's worth your health."

-J.S. Fitness Instructor/Trainer Seattle, WA

"I just got the following hand-made card from a
relatively new patient: The front says, 'I
Appreciate You.' The inside says: 'Dear Doc
Dennis, You Rock. You have been a great source
of healing in my life. In our interactions I
have found my confidence growing because of your
ways and conversation. It feels safe to be
myself when In treatment, and at an event, [or]
on the phone. You are an inspiration to me.'"

-S.K., L.M.P.

"Dr. Dilday has been my chiropractor for almost 8 years. I learned of him through my husband who is also a patient of Dr. D. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Dilday for chiropractic treatments. He has put me back together many times. He is good. He is thorough. He is patient.. He also knows a lot about nutrition and exercise. I’ve learned a lot from him. His office is always clean and neat. The office is easy to find with plenty of parking available. If you are looking for better health through chiropractic treatment, please give Dr. Dennis Dilday a try. I believe he can make a difference."
–P.C., December, 2013